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My Georgia Conservancy Story:

Anyone who has spent more than an hour in my presence probably knows how important the environment is to me. Ever since I was a little kid I have felt a very strong sense of stewardship and towards the environment and responsibility for my own personal impact. Born and raised in metro Atlanta I was fortunate to have urban green spaces like Piedmont Park as my play area, learn to ride my bike along Freedom Parkway, spend summers up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and explore along the Georgia Coast. As I have grown up I have been pleasantly surprised to see that the green spaces in my city have grown too, along with other cities all across the state. My house is within walking distance to the new Beltline, which connects many of the existing walkable neighborhoods, and even allows me to bike to my downtown office. We are entering an exciting time for sustainability in Atlanta, with lots of new green projects on the rise, and plans set in motion to improve existing areas even more.

In college I studied Environmental Geography and Environmental Law in order to learn more about the world we live in, and what kind of policy exists (or in most cases, does not yet exist) to improve current conditions. The study of Geography appealed to me because it is a multidisciplinary field that approaches issues from several different perspectives. Instead of just focusing on the ecological impacts, the social and cultural and economic impacts would also be included in the dialogue. When it comes to conservation, understanding how to communicate with people who have different opinions and come from different backgrounds is crucial, as is having the ability to see the future implications for all parties involved.

Post College I find myself extremely lucky to be working for an organization that shares this same passion for conservation, encourages the people of Georgia to protect and explore the many natural resources in our state, and understands the importance of proper communication when it comes to environmental issues. The Georgia Conservancy utilizes advocacy, sustainable growth planning and collaboration, land and water conservation initiatives, and stewardship trips to ensure that we connect with people and effectively impart positive changes. In a state that is not known for being progressive or super environmentally conscious, it is extremely heartening to work for an organization that really understands how to help the environment while simultaneously helping people understand why.

In 2017, the Georgia Conservancy is celebrating its 50th year of environmental protection. By making a small donation to my “50 for 50 Campaign" efforts, you are ensuring that our work will continue for the next 50 years. If you would like to learn more about the work of the Conservancy and the numerous initiatives both in place and in the works, please visit or reach out to me personally, as I would love to share more about why I support this wonderful organization.

Get outside, get informed, and make a tax deductible donation today to help protect Georgia’s natural resources.

ABOUT Georgia Conservancy's 50 for 50th Fundraising Drive

Over the next 12 months we’re raising the bar: conserving more than 30,000 - 35,000 acres of land, educating more than 3,500 people in “Georgia’s outdoor classroom” that we call our trips program, and helping thousands of students and parents breath a little easier with our school siting workshops. But, truthfully, the issue that gives us great concern is maintaining steady handed advocacy on behalf of the gem of Georgia’s coast: Cumberland Island

With so much to do, we’ve had to expand annual fundraising goals. We’re currently $50,000 behind our expanded funding needs and we need your help.

For our 50th Anniversary, we've asked some of our most important donors and members to share their Georgia story as a Georgia Conservancy Storyteller. 

Thank you for supporting our storytellers and the Georgia Conservancy! 

Name Date Amount Comments
Sarah Barkley Mabal 07/23/2017 $25.00 Great Program, Carden! Gracias for making us aware!
Hannah James 07/20/2017 $10.00 Yay sustainability!
Regina Barkley 07/20/2017 $10.00 great cause! thank you for the opportunity to participate in some small way :)
Tiger Curran 07/20/2017 $50.00 Love you and what you stand for!
Courtney Stout 07/20/2017 $50.00 So proud of you Carden!
  Total $145.00  
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